We are unique...

... because we turned into profession our love for languages and intercultural communication. Because we have proven that it was not by chance that we entered the translation and communication industry and we are happy to undertake anything that is an obstacle to you.

Our reliability, our professionalism and knowledge, are translated into the high quality service provider that makes Onaji.



Text editing

The thiiiing ..... that ..... haaaaas .... chocooolaaate on the top ..... and inside .... it is ...... like this ... and somehow soft ..... and ..... melting ....

''Profiterole'' is not such a difficult word. The right words, however, do not come any time you need them. For us, though, playing with words is what we do best.

Give us the guidelines, give us a general description of your message, your idea, your vision, paint it if you will, we will turn it into text, with the formality (or lack of), with the tone, efficiency and influence you want to achieve.

From a line to your memoirs, from a friendly letter to the most formal document or the texts of your website, we can shape whatever it is that you want to express and is on the tip of your tongue.


Schaedrutistrasse 32, 6006 Luzern, Switzerland | Telephone: +41799134334  | info@onaji.eu