We are unique...

... because we turned into profession our love for languages and intercultural communication. Because we have proven that it was not by chance that we entered the translation and communication industry and we are happy to undertake anything that is an obstacle to you.

Our reliability, our professionalism and knowledge, are translated into the high quality service provider that makes Onaji.



Translation of medical texts

Translation of medical and pharmaceutical texts is something that we take very seriously and it is with a feeling of absolute responsibility that we undertake such projects. Medical translations are undertaken in any case by doctors with specialization in every sector required by the text to be translated. In these cases, the translator, playing the role of reviewer filters and intervenes in the purely linguistic elements of the text.

We translate medical examinations, medical opinions, prescriptions, pharmaceutical preparation compositions, specialized medical papers, articles and studies, medical protocols, clinical studies and patents, taking always into consideration the urgent nature for the completion in such projects.



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