We are unique...

... because we turned into profession our love for languages and intercultural communication. Because we have proven that it was not by chance that we entered the translation and communication industry and we are happy to undertake anything that is an obstacle to you.

Our reliability, our professionalism and knowledge, are translated into the high quality service provider that makes Onaji.



Translation of technical documents

Translation of technical texts calls for knowledge and understanding of the scientific object and the use of accurate terminology. The margin of error for such texts is null as they constitute the basis not only for the smooth operation of devices and machinery, but also for the personal safety and health of the user.

The spectrum of linguistic combinations covered is infinite. Technical translations are undertaken by experts in each scientific field and are supported by reviewers having the role of consultant. Our technical translation work is covering a very wide spectrum of scientific objects:

Equipment manuals, computer programs, technical specifications, user instructions, technical work descriptions, scientific papers, patents, safety instructions, etc.

Whether your subject is aeronautics, constructions, telecommunications or agricultural cultivations, technical translation must be excellent. This is the reason why we are only using translators with established record in the scientific field and into translation procedure we have incorporated mechanisms in order to ensure quality, with the assistance of experts intervening in every step.


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